Although I started my writing career with short stories and television scripts, I drifted into writing spy novels about the time the Berlin Wall came down. The events are related.

   After leaving my birthplace of Kansas City, Missouri, I finally settled in West-Berlin, also once known as 'The Divided City'. At the time, it was a playground for those looking for political adventure.  

   Leaving Berlin during the Cold War only for brief periods for my studies at university in Heidelberg and Leipzig and for military service, I slowly became one of the 'natives', which was usually defined, in those days, as anyone who managed to stay sane for an extended period on the political island. You see, West-Berlin was half of a walled-in city 212 kilometers behind the Iron Curtain. This, of course, influenced my earlier novels.

  Several years back, I decided to write a queer spy novel as a social and political critique with very explicit erotic scenes. The result is Love It or Leave It, which I wrote specifically for free distribution by Nifty, since it would never find a commercial publisher due to its length and most of its content. 

    Also, this year, I am publishing on  my anti-war work, Farewell, Uncle Ho. Enjoy.